Head Chef

Chef Eddy Garcia was born and raised in Mexico. Having been raised by the sea he has a very close association with Seafood, roaming the local markets he would bring home the fresh catch of the day and create dishes that left his family speechless. He replicates the same at Hs Lordships . Chef Eddys Seafood symphony, creamy Pastas and Prime Ribs are very popular with guests and he uses local ingredients and farm to table vegetables to create his dishes.

CAssandra Ortiz

Special events director 

From weddings, retirements and those special birthdays Cassandra has planned events for over 15 years at HS lordships. Having planned social events for many guests from the Bay area she has made numerous friends with her guests who return each year.Cassandras motto is to make each event a special memory for the honoree and all guests in attendance.


SRC, founded in 1958 by World War II Army Aircorp veteran, David C. Tallichet Jr., has been an industry leader for more than 50 years with a portfolio of 21 award-winning restaurants throughout the United States.

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Diner's Choice Award - 2018